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Betrayal (Leticia book 2)     


Leticia has had her fair share of hurt and hardships, but it seems things are about to go from bad to worse. 

Her ex-lover, originally thought to be behind all this upset and pain, is dead. Two of her friends are missing and presumed dead, and the attacks on her and the new man in her life, Jackson, are becoming more ferocious. Who is doing this to them? When will they discover who the man, known to them only as ‘Boss’ actually is?  Will Leticia and Jackson’s love stay strong through it all?

It seems there is nowhere else to run, nowhere else to hide. They must fight, even if it means to their death... who will win is anybody’s guess.



In a world full of injustice, Heaven and Hell will intervene.


Hellhounds are deployed to drag the souls of the evil to Hell.


When Lissa is sent to collect the soul of Ethan Turner, what starts out as an easy job, becomes a dangerous race against time. 


Ethan is innocent. Wrongly deemed guilty of a gruesome murder. Lissa refuses to condemn an innocent soul to eternal damnation. She must now fight to protect him from other Hellish creatures sent to claim him, and bring the true killer to justice.


But a forbidden love puts them in greater danger. A strong, passionate bond develops between them, and both will do whatever it takes to be together.


No matter what the cost. 






The blurb is a work in progress. But this is something I have wanted to write for a very long time. 




What Comes After - eyes front only.jpg
What Come After?



Blurb coming soon!

Eventide (Book 1)  


Ever since she was a child, Laurie has had a fascination with the strange ship on the distant horizon. She’s heard all the stories, the urban legends surrounding the ship that never sails. She sees the fear in the eyes of those who speak of it. Laurie doesn’t scare easily. Nor does she believe all the stories... not all of them.


As the residents prepare for the islands three-hundredth birthday, Laurie notices that instead of being excited for the celebrations ahead – people are nervous. In the two weeks leading up to the big day, she watches as people seem to go into hysteria. The elders devote all their time to prayer and perform strange rituals.


Then she meets Blake. A tall, handsome, dark haired, young man with mesmerizing eyes. Laurie knows he’s not a resident on the island. Where has he come from? The island never gets visitors. Why is she so infatuated with him? But more importantly, why is she the only one who is able to see him?


Laurie is about to learn that every story she has been told, every tale she thought a myth – is true. The peaceful island she knows and loves is about to spill its darkest secrets... and Laurie will have no choice but to choose a side.


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