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Please be aware that you do not have permission to use any of the graphics or photographs found on the site. All photographs are copyrighted.

Some may be purchased for commercial use.


To safeguard yourself, if there is an image you are interested in using in your project, please email us directly at

As well as being an author, I work as a freelance graphic artist. I am the proud owner of Cover Envy Designs (formally known as Lindsay Anne Kendal Graphics).

I've worked with several authors from World Castle Publications, and have been working with Empire Voices, creating the paperback and audio covers for their "Classics" line.  I have created ebook covers for Sizzler Editions and I am down as an available illustrator for Crooked Cat Publishing. 

I also create promo art and book trailers, as well as designing and creating both blog and websites. 


Being an author myself, I know how important it is to have a good cover and marketing graphics. We need to catch people's eyes. I also design my own covers.

My prices are low and I never produce low quality work. I work with the authors until they are 100% happy, 99% is not good enough. 


Lindsay Anne Kendal Graphics

Below you will find the covers which are either currently in use, or will be releasing soon. 


If you are interested in a cover design, please see the drop down menu above for prices, options and contact info.

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