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Leticia Lindsay Anne Kendal
A.T.O.N  Book 1 


Almost from birth, she has been trained to kill. To feel nothing. To be a ghost.


He is a detective. Ex-military. In charge of keeping peace on the streets of Chrysler.


Together with his team, Declan vows to take down the family known as The Toledo’s. One of the largest and most notorious crime families in the world... and the same people he believes are responsible for his parents’ deaths. His team will stop at nothing, leave no stone unturned, and if needed, break every rule in the book to see that justice is served.


When The Toledo’s send their best people to take down Declan and his team, only one person can ensure their survival. She, alone, has the skills they will need to secure victory. Hiding in the shadows, she watches - protecting Declan and fulfilling a promise. Leaving him clueless as to who his guardian angel may be. After an almost fatal attack on the team, she reveals her identity.


Declan will learn what connects them and why she has been watching him. Secrets will be exposed, blood will be spilled, passions will rise… and Declan will unlock a side of her she never knew existed.

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