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Bloodlines Extras

This is where you can find out more information about the characters of Bloodlines. This page will grow with time. I've recently added a few mini bios, some music and inspirational images. For the mini bios, just click the character names to be taken to their pages.

If you would like to submit anything to this section, please contact me here.

Here are a few songs/pieces of music which served as inspiration for the Bloodlines Trilogy.  Every time I listen to these pieces of music, my books play like movies in my mind. 


Her Ghost in the Fog - Cradle of Filth

This helped me to write the scene at the end of Bloodlines. I could perfectly picture the fight scene in the church. 


Absinthe with Faust - Cradle of Filth

This song helped with the writing of both the end of Torment, and the opening of Revelations.


Nemisis - Cradle of Filth

This should go without saying to any who have read the books, but for those who haven't... this is the final battle in Revelations. 


Touch of Serenity - Zero Project

I used this to create the trailer for Revelations, but I find this piece allows you to visualise the story as a whole. 

Mini Bios

Inspirational Images

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