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Full Name                              

Keira Marie Jameson


22 November 1986

Place of Birth

West Chester – Pennsylvania

Now Residing

Between Salem – Massachusetts and Hell



Stuart and Carla Jameson

Relationship Status

Married to Eligos



Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Favourite Colour/s

Black and Red

Favourite Music

Rock and Metal




Listening to music

Meeting new people

Anything to do with interior design


Having a few drinks with friends

Having nights in watching horror films with friends

Shopping for clothes and DVD’s

Weird and wonderful/gothic things




People who force their opinions on others

Anything or anyone who hurts my family or friends



Anything pink!

Pop music and Rap

Waiting forever to find things out

Girls who drown themselves in make-up

False people



My Early Years.


I was born on Saturday 22nd November 1986 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I weighed 6lbs exactly. Both my parents were present at my birth, Stuart and Carla Jameson. While my Grandparents, from my Fathers side of the family, Patrick and Martha, waited anxiously in the waiting room.


Once I was cleaned up, I was put into my mothers arms and the nurses went to fetch my grandparents. My mother held me for no more than five minutes before she passed me to my father. My father frowned at her, but was more than happy to have me in his arms.


Growing up I was never close to my mother. My father was always there for me, took me places and always called me his little princess. I adored him. Just before I was 10 weird things started to happen. If I got mad, the room would shake slightly, pots would smash. I was only little and it frightened me. My dad told me I was very special, and that he would explain everything to me, but he had to go away with work for a few weeks first. 


My Dad never came home... He died while he was on his way back home. 


My Grandfather practically raised me after that. Sadly he was alone as my Grandmother died when I was 4. He told me I had a power inside me that had been passed through our Family for generations. He wanted to tell me the family history, but I wasn't interested. 


Oh how I now wish I had listened....




My inspiration for Keira

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